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Hey Visitor! <3

This Page shows you what we can provide.

THIS PAGE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT. The below mentioned Services may not be available in the Contact Form, we will link that Step by Step.


Shortlink System You know these long, stupid Links you see always around on the Web? We provide Shortlinks with the from "kpx1.de/~[your Code]". The Code can be any Char or Number Combination from 3 to 60 Letters.

Email Service We provide Email Servers that run with any Domain we want. On our self, we host with six different Domains, and the Mail Address is free chose-able. If this is not enought, you can set a MX Record to our toplevel Domain so we can give this Service with your preferred Domain!

Python Scripting Need a Script to do something, like a Batch-Job, or Requests or what ever? Wo do this! And we even run the Script for you in one of our Virtual Boxes, just if you have no System to run it.

Shell Scripting SH or BASH! Whatever you want. Same Description as with Python Scripting.

Website Development We can provide Websites with advanced PHP, HTML, Css and JS Scripts. Websockets are possible too, and we even host the Pages for you!

Root-Server Management We can mange your Servers for you, if you are fresh to the Topic. We even teach you some things if you want :)

Hosting Service

  • BungeeCord
  • MariaDB / MySQL Database Hosting
  • Mail Account Hosting (see above)
  • Minecraft Server Hosting, even with Interface
  • Node.js Script Hosting
  • Py Script Hosting
  • Ba-/sh Script Hosting
  • TS3 Server Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Mangement

Every Service that needs a Domain can be used with three Options:

  1. You get a Subdomain in one of our Domains
  2. You have your own Domain, and provide a A/AAAA/MX (depends on the Service you want) Record to our IP / Mail Address
  3. You don't own a Domain, but you don't want to use one of ours. In this Case, we buy a Domain for you, on your Cost. We Manage these Domains and you have to do nothing but say what you want as Subdomains, Main Server and so on